Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 10...Fiesta Friday! and my first Holiday Party

Hola compradres! Toda looking back, Day 10 was a fiesta feast for me! Every meal included some sort of "latino" aspect to it and I wasn't even planning on it!

This morning, I had a pretty healthy and sustainable breakfast. It included: scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, oatmeal with cinnamon, one apple, and a banana! Pfeww! This should hold me until lunch time...whenever that may be!

For lunch I edited a version Day 8 Salmon Tacos...this time I added lettuce to the tacos and didn't eat any corn.

  • almonds mixed a bag of raw sugar and cinnamon (my sweet tooth kicked in)  
Dinner: I made 2 BBQ steak tacos using meat that I had marinated the night before. Instead of using lettuce and shredded cheese, I used avocado, salsa, and a laughing cow wedge. It was mighty delicious and I still have leftover meat! Even though I go Semi Vegetarian/Paleo, it was nice eating beef for the first time in a long time.

Post Dinner: I was invited to a Holiday Party and had less fun than I expected. Anyways, I thwarted off  all temptations of eat any of the prepackaged sugar heavy foods. Even when the last morsel of a cream cheese coffee cake was left (which by the way served 8, but I am sure the cake was cut at least a dozen times) I still managed to stay away! No, I am not starving myself; just using will power to NOT eat any foods that have been commercial produced. No number of flowing sodas and dessert platters could have knocked me off track.

Maybe, the same will happen to you!
-Clean Eating in College

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