Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 21

Breakfast: I finally finished all the eggs in my carton! This morning's breakfast was the same as the last couple of days and I am so glad I was able to ration out all the food from my mini grocery haul that happened exactly one week ago. Since I had 2 slices of bread left (again woohoo! for rationing skills) I made some toast with honey.

Lunch: After I marinated some chicken, I pan seared it with some onions then added sauce and linguine to the mix. I would have taken a picture but I am still a camera phone amateur and the food didn't look visually appealing. It was, however, really tasty!

Dinner: Whole grain rotini with 2 small pieces of corn on the cob. Since I was planning a bus ride home, I had to pack something that was both light enough to fit in my laptop bag and sustainable. Well, nothing is more sustainable than fiber and I got plenty of fiber from that meal! (please forgive the hazy picture, it was taken on a moving bus)

-Eating Clean in College

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