Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 6

Well today was my first day after the weekend. I woke up and started doing my hair then realized that I only had a small amount of time to either cook breakfast or do my makeup. Let's just say, the bowl of Total I had today was muy delicioso!

 For lunch, I had to rush back home really quickly between classes and make myself a nice bowl of whole grain pasta and sauce. The carb bug hit me again and I ate a whole grain bagel with crunchy peanut butter and honey drizzled on top. I felt really guilty. Like guilty enough to make me go paleo for the entire day guilty :(

 1 whole grapefruit- I LOVE these things!
About 1/2 of mixed cucumbers and celery
1 cutie. Today is a sad day because I have officially ran out :(
~30 almonds

For a post workout meal, I went to Subway and purchased the kids meal. For $4.50, I got a 4 inch sub, apple slices, and lowfat milk! Here is how I ordered my sub:
  • Whole wheat bread
  • (here, you have the option of adding either ham, turkey, or roast beef)
  • Swiss cheese- kind of naughty but it was the only 'real' cheese they had there
  • Spinach, bell peppers, tomato, LOTS of black pepper
  • THEN...can you toast it!
For dinner, I sauteed some green beans and caramelized onions. My protein that night was sauteed crab (not krab) that I bought then cut from my local grocery store. It was a really simple, quick, and delicious meal that anyone can do

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