Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 48

Hello again! Now that our second day is done I am ready to reveal my wonderful diet today. Keep in mind that not only am I working out again, but I am also planning on gaining a few pounds. Secondly, throughout the day, I am drinking water from my canteen

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast with crunchy peanut butter and honey, a glass of 2% milk

Midday Meal: A turkey on wheat sandwich with Swish cheese, romaine lettuce and guacamole

Post workout: this wonderful dark chocolate and almond granola bar from Central Market and a huge swig of water

Snack: whole grain oatmeal with milk and honey

Lunch: A southwestern skillet that I made that consisted of 90/10 ground beef, brown rice, corn, and broccoli. I am estimating that I ate about 2 1/2 cups worth

Dinner: Tonight, I dined on this fabulous vegetarian meal that I made! It consisted of sauteed green beans; zucchini, and red bell pepper medley; mashed white potatoes with seasoned potato chunks in it. Here are the pictures step-by-step

-Eating Clean in College

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