Sunday, January 6, 2013

Days 36-40

Hello all, I am sorry that I have lost motivation to complete this as 2013 started. I didn't even realize that the last time I added a post was on New Years Day. I have not forgotten about you guys in the least bit. I have just been a little-or a lot- discouraged. When I originally started this blog, I did it for me and it was my own public food journal. It wasn't until I started getting followers and +1 symbols that I thought that this blog would take off and do great things. By the time I was coerced into starting a give-a-way, I was certain that I would have at least 1 comment. Then, after the days passed, I realized that no one was commenting on any of the posts and that my public give-a-way which I heavily promoted was all done in vain. Soon, I began to think that this blog was done in vain. Just like that, I lost all motivation to continue this...I knew that I was eating healthy on a cheap budget, so why should I care if other students do the same thing?

Well, now I am out of that rut! I would like to thank an anonymous follower of mine who has been commenting on some of my posts and has even asked me where I have been. When I received those e-mails, I immediately began to feel that my work was not in vain and that someone out there really was reading this...and even better, learning from it and becoming inspired!

Here are just a couple of pictures from the last 5 days:

 My couponing trip to the store that resulted in me clearing the shelf of two different brown rice products.
 Going out to eat a take-out Chinese buffet. As you can see, one plate is full of veggies (brocoli, green beans, tomato and cucumber salad) and salmon while the other has brown rice, noodles, and fruit (honey dew melon, pineapple, and cantaloupe). These two boxes lasted me about 3 different meals:

  1. Salmon with fruit, all the vegetables, and a side of noodles and rice
  2. Noodles and rice with a small portion of salmon
  3. My last piece of salmon with the remaining pieces of fruit

Chicken fettuccine my roommate prepared for me with a glass of moscato Tonights meatless dinner of brown rice, pinto beans, and brocoli. The rice cam in a double serving package for about $1.29 a serving. The beans came from a can that traditionally serves 3.5 people at a cost of around $.80 cents a can. Lastly, the brocoli came frozen from a bag that retailed at around $.73 for five servings. In all, this high fiber, low fat, and mineral packed vegetarian dinner totaled at a around $1.66 per serving!

-Eating Clean in College

p.s. I promise to never abandon you guys again!  

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