Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Days 62/63

Breakfast before my workout out on Day 62: another waffle and crunchy peanut butter sandwich

Breakfast; post workout on Day 62: 2 scrambled eggs with a side of seasoned black beans

Lunch on Day 62: Red beans and brown rice, ~ a cups worth of each

Lunch on Day 63: A taco salad bowl with a taco shell, chopped romaine lettuce, pico de galo, and red beans served with green chile salsa

Snacks: 1/4 cup almonds, 2 cups of popped kettle corn, 1 mango smoothie, 1 peach smoothie

Dinners: A Sub:way Veggie Foot long with cheese ~ $10.82 for both days

So far it does seem really bland...not to mention the fact that I am gassier than ever. I always knew that beans were a contributing factor to my new bout of flatulence. Luckily, no one has been around to smell them. In my fridge, I have two tuberware dished full of brown rice and red beans. Since I am not one to waste food, I am more than likely to try to finish them all. This should be interesting for me. I am still working out and have not eliminated weight training from my regimen. Nothing internally feels different. Lately, I have been kind of sluggish and more tired. I would attribute this to school/work/hectic schedule but nothing much has changed. In fact, I would say that things my load has gotten easier.

Is my slump all in my head because I am no longer consuming animal protein or is this something natural that happens the first few days after one changed their diet?

-Eating Clean in College

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