Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grocery Shopping- Week 1

Hello world,
About a week ago, I decided to come back home early. When we arrived in town, I went grocery shopping with my family and bought about $150 worth of food and house supplies. (I know that not all people have this same luxury, but this is something that I am thankful for). This week, I was able to barely make a dent into the new groceries we got- thanks to the food I already had in my pantries, freezer, and free food from back home.

This week, I was able to sort out all my food and get an idea of how I want to ration it out:

-Salmon fillets were cut into 3 smaller fillets then frozen for later use
-2 lbs of 90/10 ground beef were seasoned and cooked, then frozen for later use
-1 whole red bell pepper and 1 white onion were sliced and refrigerated
-4 avocados: 2 were picked for immediate consumption and 2 were picked to be eaten once they were ripe
- 1/2 lb of green beans and medium sized white potato where cut/chopped for a dinner I was planning on hosting later this week with a good friend
-2 dozen eggs- 5 of which have been used without my permission thanks to my pesky roommates...luckily, I moved the carton to my mini fridge to prevent anymore thievery from happening
-Almonds and walnuts that I have already measured and put into snack bags for the upcoming month at school

-Eating Clean in College

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