Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stay Focused Little Soliders!

I would love it if everyone was like me and just "flip the switch" and start living a healthy life. Friends and family have helped me realize that most people will need to take "baby steps" and make incremental changes. Regardless of which method you choose- vegetarian, eating clean, semi-vegetarian- the most important thing to remember is to stay focused. You WILL have some days where you are just not into it, and that is okay! We all mistake and reach for the cookies and cheat ourselves out of those last few reps. It is okay to order those small fries instead of a side salad because you feel burnt out and just need a break. It is okay to not eat all your veggies and fruits in one day. Why? Because you are only human and humans make mistakes. The good thing is, you are here reading this so that means that you are trying to live a healthier life.

Maybe you just stopped losing weight or lost the drive to workout...that's fine. It happens to everyone but you must STAY FOCUSED on your goal to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Eating clean and working out here and there are not what get you consistent results.

It is also important to remember that everyone has their own view of "eating clean". Some people will scoff at the fact that I use honey and cheese in some of my cookings-which is fine. You need to find out what best works for you. As long as you are making healthier choices, you are moving in the right direction!

Remember, this is lifestyle- not a fad, trend, or diet. Good luck with your journey and keep eating clean!

-Eating Clean in College

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