Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seasonal Summer Produce

I know we all have been there. We want to start eating healthy. add more colors to our diet, or just add variety to our every day meals but we don't know what fruits and vegetables are in season. Well, I have a created a color coded guide that describes which fruits and vegetables are in season!

Asparagus- February-June
Avocados- Year round
Green Beans- May-October 
Kiwis-Year Round
Romaine Lettuce- Year round

Pineapples- March- July (perfect for the summer season! You can stock up now and freeze the chunks for later consumption. For instructions on how to freeze fruits, read here. Look for vibrant leaves, a bit of softness to the fruit, and a sweet fragrance at the stem...avoid ones that feel spongy, it refrigerates well for up to five days)
Peaches- May-October (another perfect summer fruit, they are absolutely delicious and go great in smoothies!)

Bell Peppers- Year round
Strawberries- April- September 
Tomatoes- June-September 
Watermelon- June-August

Berries- May-October
Grapes- May-October

-Eating Clean in College

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