Sunday, June 30, 2013

Road Trip Rules

Hello all! As some Summer I sessions are over, many of you might feel the need to go out on a road trip. Before you do, just know that you shouldn't feel guilty for indulging. Although it is easy (and normal) to fall off track, do not let road trips take you completely off path.

If you can, map out your destination and track all the fast food options along the way. If it will be longer than a couple of hours, I suggest bringing along a personal cooler to keep some of your foods fresh.

Keep in mind that the food offered on the road is not always clean or healthy...but there are BETTER for you options out there. A lot of times, driving through back roads or highways only yields greasy fast foods but I am here to help you get through the hump!

Healthy Snacks

  • Pre-washed fruits and vegetables
  • Boiled eggs
  • Unsalted nuts
  • Tuna pouches with mustard
  • Nut butter
  • Hummus (if the trip is not that long, otherwise, don't risk ruining a perfectly good jar)

A thermos full of tea

For example, after tracking my route I found some possible restaurants for me to enjoy. Of course I know that all these options are not 100% healthy BUUUUUUUT they are better than eating their greasy counterparts! Below are some examples of places along my recent route and how I made it healthier to eat there.
  1. Whole grain or white bread
  2. No cheese and no dressing (mustard is okay)
  3. Load up on those veggies! I have noticed that they tend to skim on veggies so I have to ask for extra just to receive an average amount 
  4. Don't forget, that you do have the Fresh Fit Choices to choose from 
  1. The only possible choice I saw were the 6 piece grilled kids chicken nuggets with a fruit cup. As a matter of fact, you can get any kids meal and sub the fries and soda for a fruit cup with milk!

  1. Opt for the bowls to skimp on  the carbs, sodium, and calories that are found in tortillas. My suggestion would be a chicken bowl with lettuce, tomato, and corn salsa.
  1. If you must indulge in fries, then downgrade the usual medium to the value size...or better yet sub it out for a side salad!
  2. Go for the grilled chicken wrap and ask them to go easy on the dressing or put it on the side
  3. The basic hamburger (just 1 patty) comes in at 250 calories and 9g of fat
  1. Made your tacos and burritos Fresco!
  2. If you are afraid of eating "mystery meat" then stock up on the sides such as black beans, chips and salsa, and Mexican rice.
  3. Like with any restaurant, avoid heavy sauces and creams if possible
If you are traveling this summer, then tell me where you ate and how you made a healthy switch! Above were just some examples of restaurants that I was able to map out.

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