Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be a Better YOU: Women's Guide

Hello readers! While I run a blog on health and nutrition, I decided to touch on a topic about how to be the healthiest you ever!
Ladies: Now we both know that it is hard to love your body in today's world.  All of us have those days when we are feeling our worst, but don't let those days turn into weeks, months, or years. Sadly, there are standards on what beauty is. Magazines, and TV shows have us hardwired to believe that we are worthless unless we look or dress a certain way. Well newsflash, NO ONE IS PERFECT! There is no cookie cutter way to define what is beautiful or healthy so just be the best person you can be. You don't have to kill yourself at the gym and spend hundreds of dollars at Sephora to fit a crooked society's definition of being healthy and beautiful.

Skinny is not for everyone...healthy is.Health: Forget about all those fad diets and diet pills that are being thrown at you. A healthy body starts with good nutrition, and good nutrition comes from a balanced diet. What does that mean exactly? A balanced diet means that you are getting not too much nor too little of any important nutrient and eating the proper proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • Try to stay away from all those fitspo and thinspo pages and pictures you see. While fitspo does have a good message behind it, it leads women to constantly obsess over them. There is absolutely no reason for someone to think about their body or working out 24/7. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not an obsession!
  • Be physically active every day: it doesn't have to be something as strenuous as strength training or training for a marathon, you can walk for 30 minutes or play on your Wii fit.
  • Not everyone is going to look like a fitness or a bikini model. The only thing you should strive for is being healthy and aim for a healthy weight and body size. 
Personal: Be around people who love you for who you are and make you happy. If you can't find anyone that makes you happy or appreciates all beautiful and intelligent woman that you are, then learn to love yourself! Find out things (not body image wise) that you are LOVE or are good at. For example, I know I am running a successful blog and pride myself on being smart. I have a lot of friends who are 23/24 who are either still undergrads or have recently graduated. However, I know that by the time I am their age, I would have successfully received my undergrad with Honors and graduated from Grad school. Can many 23 years old you know say that? 
 -Eating Clean in College

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