Monday, October 21, 2013

Campus Book Rentals and Operation Smile

Hello readers! Today, I would like to give a shout-out to all the college students out there who love saving money on textbooks. I suggest that you all check out CampusBookRentals! Some of the awesome perks of using CampusBookRentals include:
-Saving 40-90% off of bookstore prices (which we all know are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive)
-Free shipping both ways
-The option to highlight in the textbooks
-Flexible renting periods; instead of the traditional semester, if you find out that you need a book halfway through the semester you will only pay for the days you use instead of an entire term
-Their new initiative RentBack allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students. Through RentBack, one is able to make 2-4x the profit they would make from traditional sell back options Rent Back Video
(this is a sponsored post)
In addition to being an amazing book rental company, CampusBookRentals donates to Operation Smile- an international charity for children that heals children's smiles and forever changes their lives. With each textbook that is rented from CampusBookRentals, a donation is made to Operation Smile! With a presence in over 60 countries, Operation Smile provides free life-changing surgeries for children in need worldwide. Operation Smile's network of more than 5,000 medical volunteers donate their time and talent to improve the health and lives of children born with facial deformities. Since 1982, Operation Smile has given more than 2 million patient evaluations and provided over 200,000 free surgeries to children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities! Now if that is not the most amazing thing that you have ever heard, than I don't know what is. Even if you are not interested in renting a book, please take some time to browse through their website!
-Eating Clean in College 

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