Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coffee and Your Body

Hello readers! During my freshman year I remember taking my first sip of black coffee (they way I usually drink it) and immediately began feeling tired and sleepy. Well, as you can imagine, since then I have not used coffee as a source of energy since I assumed that it had an adverse effect on me. Then, I gave in to the urge and gave coffee a second chance when I made a full thermos full of delicious hot liquid gold for my first all nighter (p.s. it was NOT fun and here are ways to prevent having to pull future all nighters Keep Your Energy...without Energy Drinks). from that experience, I learned that-again- coffee didn't give me that stimulated effect but instead acted as an appetite suppressant! While I will not be using black coffee as a diet enhancing appetite suppressant, I was interested in learning more about the effects of coffee in our bodies- both negative and positive.

According to vast majority of Americans, coffee is the best pick-me-up there is to start off ones morning or to give them the extra jolt of energy they need to get through their day. I have also seen people use black coffee as a pre-workout since it is a more natural alternative than over the counter supplements and shakes. If you're already in a study more, then caffeine's effect will kick in after 5 minutes which will lead to more energy and a stronger ability to focus.
It has no nutritional value and is not needed for any healthy bodily functions. Secondly, much of the coffee that is produced and sold in America is full of refined sugars and creamers like those ultra sassy and fancy frappes drizzled whipped cream goodness. No matter how good they may be, you are drinking a dessert. Secondly, since coffees main ingredient is caffeine then you face the risk of developing a caffeine addiction. Over time, caffeine use will lead to a higher tolerance level that your body will need for stimulation. Caffeine addition- like any other addition- is harmful to your health and is known to increase your risk of insomnia, an irregular heartbeat, stroke, heart disease, anxiety, dehydration, and depleted calcium and iron stores in women. If you have high blood pressure, stay away or restrict your coffee intake since coffee will temporarily kick up your blood pressure! If you are already experiencing problems with your GI tract, then coffee can irritate or worsen the stomach, lower intestine, and pre-existing ulcers. And let's not forget...teeth staining!

Overall: Much like everything out there, too much of it is a bad thing. If you have never had a cup of joe and are functioning just fine then continue living your life that way but if you are a pot a day drinker, them limit your consumption or switch to lighter blends to safeguard your health. Plus, you don't want to be a coffee addict when you're young. Now is a a great age to either kick the habit or to not start one in the first place.
-Eating Clean in College

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