Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stuednt Money Saving Tips

Hello everyone! I hope your spring has started off great and that you are ready for another semester at college. In my previous post, I asked you what are some of your favorite stories or tips on how to save money while in college--especially when it comes to groceries. Below are some of the responses that I have gotten.

Harper Yi, Virginia
"I cut out a lot of extras. I cut out going to the movies, buying new music, makeup, shoes, etc. It's good to look through your spending for a month and see what little things are really. Starbucks adds up, you know?"

"Switch to generic food brands like the Target brand or the Food Lion Brand."

Olivia Cunningham, Liv Love Laugh
It's almost always easier to make your own if you can--this applies to food and everything else! For example, I make my own laundry detegent for like nothing, and you can use coconut oil for just about everything."

"Take advantage of events with free food"

Dahlia Joseph, Mount St. Mary's Univeristy
"Get a bonus card from your local grocery store, it saves a lot of money when grocery shopping"

Kristine Circenis, Univeristy of Illinois
"Buy things you know you'll eat!"

Kriselle Rhia Marcos, USC
"Couponing blogs helps so much! I use them to get free mag subscriptions, free samples, and coupons/notifications for free/discounted food!"

-Eating Clean in College

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