Friday, February 21, 2014

Traveling with Celiac

Hello Clean Eaters! Over this spring semester, I will be spending many weekends traveling on the road. Usually, I plan what I eat at the restaurants once we have arrived but now that I have Celiac disease, I cannot risk been exposed to gluten and having a flare up. My usual weekend pack contains:

  • Nuts
  • a Lara bar
  • water
  • sliced fruits (apples, berries)
  • whole fruits such as bananas, oranges, and kiwis
  • sliced vegetables (cucumbers or carrots)
  • peanut butter and dark chocolate. 
Now for safety reasons, the fruits and vegetables are usually the first things consumed UNLESS I know that there will be a fridge available.
When eating out at restaurants, an animal protein and vegetables are always a safe choice. Now, it can be extremely inconvenient for the other travelers to have to deal with me but I have no other choice. Previously, I only saw a slight problem in eating clean while traveling, but now I find it to be quite impossible. You would think that in an ever changing world, that more and more places would be gluten-free friendly. However, there is nothing gluten-free on the open road.
Luckily, my snack packs have warded off hunger in time for me to find a suitable meal. Recently, I was in Houston again and this time, I was prepared for it. We went and had lunch at Sonic and I had a grilled chicken sandwich (no bun) with an apple snack pack. Now I am 100% sure that the grilled chicken came laced with preservatives but it was either that or starve so I chose the lesser of two evils. The same goes with restaurants. If I am invited to a brand new restaurant then I'd have to check their menu online. So far, I have faced no challenges at new restaurants in my gluten-free life. Keep wishing me good luck on the road!
-Eating Clean in College

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