Friday, October 3, 2014

Stressful and Studying

Hello readers! Let me start by apologizing for neglecting you all! I am on the verge of graduating from college and have encountered many road blocks and stessors along the way. My plate is full of grad school apps, running organizations, working, and now launching a campaign on campus, I have zero time for this blog. I guess I have been compensating by posting on Instagram and Twitter.

Secondly, my diet and work-outs have suffered. I came from working out daily to using the stairs as a source of physical activity. Since I am not working out, I am eating less but my meals don't feel as nutritious as they should be. My once near perfect grocery routine of purchasing a loads of healthy foods for $30 or $40 has turned into wreckless buying. From two separate trips, I have spent $130 on groceries and felt that I purchased nothing. I never thought I would be one of those people who would spend obscene amounts of money and not know what I am getting. The worst part of it all was that even after I looked over my receipt, every purchase made sense...until the next day when I was out $80 and did not have enough food to prep for a single day. THIS HAS TO STOP

What is it that you do to keep yourself on track? I thought I had the perfect formula to balancing school, life, and being a poor college student who loves eating healthy but apparently I have lost my touch. Is there anyone out there who has navigated the grad school application waters and SURVIVED? Please share in the comment box below, we can all help each other out!

-Eating Clean in College

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