Wednesday, December 10, 2014

End of the Year Stress-Down

Well it's the most wonderful time of the year again! It is time for the professors to test the knowledge we should have learned all semester by slowly killing in a week we all know as FINALS WEEK. What is supposed to be a time about happiness and joy quickly turns into a stressful week of cramming and caffeine binges. Here are some steps that I have found vital to my success in college:

Edamame, walnuts, LARA Bar ALT, and
tangerines to keep me full through a finals
study session 
1. Keep all your notes together. Seriously, print off all the chapters you need for the test and highlight all the important information you anticipate being asked during finals. This leads into the next step
2. Make mock tests...studying apps and programs make it easier to create flashcards and review sheets. Instead of simply stating the definition, word it in a question form.
3. Schedule in some time for physical activity. Instead of taking Netflix breaks, take a 15-30 min walk around campus or through your neighborhood. If it is not too cold where you are, then the crisp air will help you clear your mind and keep your blood vessels active. If you are trapped in a frozen climate, then walk around your department or campus library.
4. NAP! If getting physical activity seems impossible then napping is your best solution. There is nothing better to study with than a well rested mind. You most likely have been cramming for hours and have not been getting your daily 8 hours.
5. EAT SENSIBLY! This seems like the easiest time to chow down and neglect all healthy eating patterns but is quite the opposite! You must resist the urge to eat all the greasy, fried foods you can. Keeping healthy snacks such as almonds, bananas, water bottles, and green tea will keep you full, energized, and will sustain you better than any vending machine snack will. In order to make this easier on you, make study snack packs ahead of time! It will save you time and money.

-Eating Clean in College

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