Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Riding the Bus

Sometimes, life hands us lemons and when you don't have car, getting around can seem nearly impossible. I know how that feels because I was careless in college. While I did have roommates who would occasionally take me to the store when they went, there were times that I had to make that journey alone. Thankfully, my school was a local bus hub which featured three downtown express buses and 3 local metro buses. Over time, I found the perfect combination of riding the bus to get groceries.
At first, I used the plastic bags. Not only were they wasteful but they were hassle to walk around with. Then, I moved on to tote bags but they would eventually hurt my shoulder. Finally, I realized that using a backpack was the smartest way to go! Here are some of my favorite tips for surviving college AND grocery shopping while on the bus!

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