Saturday, April 18, 2015

Working and Working-Out

Hello Clean Eaters!

I am sooo happy to be writing to you all again! As you all know, I am no longer a college student and have officially started a "big girl job." I never knew who stressed or overwhelmed a person could be until I started working full time! When you combine the commute and total work time, that leaves me 2 hours to clean, cook, work-out, socialize, blog, etc...needless to say time is NOT my friend!

My tennis shoes, which I pack in my messenger bag everyday!
My biggest concern with my work schedule was not being able to work-out like I used to. I tried exercising in my office during my lunch break but that quickly ended. I think the combination of a lack of space plus forgetting to pack extra clothes made it hard to do my work-out videos. Then, our HR Director came up with a wellness challenge of walking everyday. Then it hit me, why don't I just walk every day? I mean it doesn't take me a long time to eat so why spend the rest of my lunch hour walking?! IT WAS GENIUS!

I have been walking daily since our Fitness Challenge started in February. I know it is not much, but it better than doing nothing. Walking in the middle of my day is also the PERFECT release from work! For me at least, the first half of the day seems to drag on forever while the second half breezes by.

Another fitness hack that I do at work is drink lots of water and use the restroom farthest from my office. Luckily for me, that restroom is below me so I am also making at least a dozen trips up two and down two flights of stairs...daily!

For now, this is my routine and I am sticking with it. Do you have any fitness hacks for staying healthy at work? Please share below!

-Eating Clean in College

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